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Our experts will help you find the perfect solution for your aged or healthcare laundry needs.

Experts in Aged & Healthcare laundry

We understand the essential role laundry has in preserving hygiene in care facilities. We also appreciate the requirement for consistent, efficient and reliable operation, day after day, year after year.

The key benefits of Speed Queen machines for care facilities are:

  1. Ultimate hygiene protection
  2. Sterilization & disinfection control
  3. Reliable operation
  4. Efficient running costs

Ultimate Hygiene Protection

Speed Queen Machines are uncompromising when it comes to hygiene. Our machines offer a number of features to ensure your laundry achieves hygiene requirements. 

Pre-sanitise cycles run a short hot cycle to clean the machine between washes, Speed Queen Insights allows machines to be started from your mobile device, eliminating unnecessary points of contact between users and barrier washers completely isolate your clean and dirty laundry.


Sterilization & Disinfection Control

Achieving sterilisation to the AS/NZS 4146: 2000 Laundry Standard is made simpler with the advanced programming control in Speed Queen machines.  (Thermal sterilization requires washing for 3 minutes or more at 71°c or 10 minutes or more at 65°c). 

Chemical disinfection is just as simple.  Speed Queen machines give you complete control over the quantity and time periods that chemicals are deployed.

A longstanding brand you can trust


Our machines are built to last. Speed Queen machines are put through rigorous quality and stress testing to ensure they can handle loads again and again. These machines can withstand the high heats required to kill off bacteria and keep your hygiene standards maintained. 

Speed Queen machines can also run for extended periods of time without breaking down. If something does go wrong, even your repairs will be faster. With our industry leading warranties and extensive service network, you can feel safe and supported knowing that we are here to help.


Uncomplicated, uncompromising, unmatched. Our heavy duty commercial washers and dryers will increase your laundry efficiency with their speed and reliability. 

With Quantum Gold you can access a range of features like programmable water levels, slow drain and water leak detection and advanced diagnostics. With these tools you can ensure your laundry operation runs smoothly.

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