Airbnb and Short Term Rentals

Commercial washing machines and commercial dryers for Airbnb’s. Large and reliable commercial laundry equipment perfect for the needs of Airbnb providers.

Commercial laundry solutions tailored to Airbnb providers


Andrew Barton has been providing commercial laundry solutions to businesses across Queensland for over 65 years, we have the experts to help you find the right mix of equipment to suit your needs. We supply Speed Queen laundry equipment, the world number 1 in commercial laundry.

Why Speed Queen?

  • More loads in less time
  • Built to handle varied loads
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Designed to handle all types of garments
Speedqueen internals

Built Better To Last Longer

More Loads In Less Time

Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers are meticulously engineered for efficiency and speed. Experience rapid wash and dry cycles that allow you to process more laundry in less time, freeing you to focus on providing exceptional hospitality to your guests.

Wash and dry loads of laundry in a little over an hour with our powerful Speed Queen commercial washing machines and dryers.

Built to handle varied loads

From large bedding sets to small personal items, Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment is designed to handle the diverse needs and schedules of your guests. Say goodbye to the limitations of household machines and embrace the flexibility and reliability of commercial-grade equipment. We have a range of equipment available to suit the needs of all providers, one property or many.

Cost Effectiveness

Investing in Speed Queen means investing in durability and long-term savings. While cheaper alternatives such as consumer machines may seem appealing initially, they often result in higher long-term costs due to frequent replacements and repairs. With Speed Queen, enjoy lower utility and labour costs per kilogram of washing, maximizing your return on investment.

Designed to handle all types of garments

Whether it’s delicate linens or bulky blankets, Speed Queen commercial machines can handle it all with ease. Built with robust construction and advanced technology, rest assured that your laundry will receive the care and attention it deserves.

Our Products Are Engineered To Keep Up With Your Needs

Commercial Front Load Washer

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Military Grade Top Load Washer

8 KG

Military Grade Rear Manual Control Dryer

9 KG

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