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Trusted by Queensland holiday parks

We know Holiday Parks!  We’ve worked with more than we can remember over the years, advising on which machines will best handle rigorous peak-time use at the most efficient cost.

Speed Queen machines are chosen by so many holiday parks because they provide:

  1. Fast wash and dry cycles
  2. Robust & Reliable operation
  3. Cost Effective
  4. Easy To Use

1.  Fast wash and dry cycles

Speed Queen machines are designed for throughput.  Fast wash and dry cycles means you need fewer machines.  With cycle times around 30 minutes, each machine can run many cycles per day.  You’ll also have happy clients – with washed and dried laundry in under an hour!

speedqueen internals

2.  Robust & reliable operation

Our machines are built better to last longer. With a commercial Speed Queen washer or dryer your machines can run for extended periods of time without breaking a sweat. For vended laundries, our strong and robust self-service machines will keep your customers happy.

If something does go wrong, even your repairs will be faster. With our industry leading warranties and extensive service network, you can rest assured knowing help is close at hand.

Simple and reliable laundry solutions

3.  Cost Effective

Do you need coin operated or cashless card machines? We supply both.  When you buy a Speed Queen, you won’t be replacing it for many years, so don’t be fooled into cheaper, inferior machines that won’t stand the test of time. More cycles in less time will reduce your utility costs and you’ll enjoy lower maintenance and repair costs because of Speed Queen’s superior durability. 

4.  Easy to Use

We offer both vended and non-vended machines with simple, easy to use controls. With thousands of machines all over Australia, countless customers use our machines for the first time every day without any problems.

With Speed Queen insights, you get a full suite of machine reports & alerts, can make price alterations and even start machines from your mobile device.

Proudly Supporting Queensland Holiday and Caravan Parks for Decades

“We’ve been helping Queensland holiday goers do their laundry for over 50 years!  From the largest operators to small camping sites – we’ve supplied them all.  Give us a call and we’ll help you figure out the best equipment for YOUR campsite/holiday park.”

Mark Easton

State Manager, Andrew Barton Laundry Systems

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