Industrial Washing Machines

Speed Queen Industrial washing machines are heavyweight champions designed for high-capacity and intensive use. These robust machines cater to the unique needs of industries where cleanliness is paramount. At Andrew Barton, we offer a range of industrial washers and laundry equipment designed to meet and exceed your expectations. Our industrial washing machines redefine efficiency, setting new standards for cleanliness in various sectors. Discover what makes our machines the go-to choice for businesses across Australia.

Industrial Laundry Equipment

Ideal Applications

Our industrial washing machines are ideal for a wide range of industries, including:


  • Hospitality: Handle large volumes of linens and towels with ease.
  • Healthcare: Ensure the highest standards of hygiene for medical textiles.
  • Mining and Construction: Tackle the toughest stains from heavy-duty workwear.
  • Manufacturing: Keep work uniforms and industrial garments spotless.

The Speed Queen Advantage


Why Choose Speed Queen Industrial Washers?

Discover the excellence of Speed Queen industrial washers, renowned for:

  • Reliability: Trust in machines designed to withstand the rigors of industrial laundry.
  • Efficiency: Benefit from advanced technology that ensures optimal cleaning performance.
  • Innovation: Stay ahead with features that simplify laundry management and improve overall efficiency.

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Andrew Barton brings you industrial washing machines for sale in Australia that redefine the laundry landscape. Elevate your operations with state-of-the-art equipment designed to meet the unique challenges of the Australian business environment.

Choose Andrew Barton and Speed Queen for unmatched quality, durability, Service and performance.

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