Juneed Ali Testimonial – Andrew Barton

“The entire team has been wonderful and very helpful. The main advantage of Speed Queen was Mark Easton [and the Andrew Barton team]. Mark was extremely honest with me. When we spoke, he said: ‘Don’t think big. Start small. You don’t want to get yourself into a lot of debt.’ And I said to myself, he’s the expert. I’m just a rookie in this business. I am a simple guy and I believe in trust. I am glad I listened to him.”


“Mark and Johnathon and others too have held my hand through the whole process. Whenever I’ve asked the question, they have clearly come back and said this is what we need to do. With the build, lease agreement, and so on. It wasn’t actually the products, it was the service that really sold me.”


“I wouldn’t have gone ahead without having the trust in the Andrew Barton team. I had a particular meeting that was really significant and I spoke very candidly saying that I was about to give up. I was at a point where I just didn’t know where to go. Johnathon Wilson is such an enthusiastic guy, he has so much energy. He said, ‘just stick with it, we’ll give you a hand’. It was actually a really big moment in my life, I was so close to saying no. I was getting into all this debt and going into the process wondering if this was the right decision. But they stuck with me. I just kept on working on it, from their energy and feedback.”


“I stuck with the in-house scenario throughout, for all the major stuff, the plumbing, the building, the allocation of where the machines are going to be placed and so on. Looking back I wouldn’t change a thing.”

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