Our commercial washers and dryers are built to handle the toughest of environments, including Queensland mining facilities

The most reliable commercial washers and dryers in the industry


We have been supplying the Queensland mining industry with commercial laundry equipment for decades. We know how tough mining environments are and that’s why we supply the most rugged and reliable washers and dryers around. Consumer products just don’t cut it, a mining laundry requires a commercial product with:


  • Ultimate durability
  • Superior parts and service
  • Fast wash and dry cycles
  • Innovations designed specifically for Australian mines

Read more about how an Australian made innovation specifically designed for mining environments has made Speed Queen the ideal laundry solution for Queensland mines.

Speedqueen internals

World no.1 in commercial laundry

Ultimate Durability

With a commercial Speed Queen washing machine or dryer you can do load after load, without ever worrying if it will break down. Built better to last longer, you won’t find equipment that is tougher.

Due to its superior durability, Speed Queen equipment is extremely long lasting, so you won’t have to replace it for many years. This reliability also means less expensive service call outs to fix unwanted issues. Additionally with our high G-Force extraction machines save you money by removing more water from each load of washing. This shortens drying times and reduces your energy cost.

Superior Parts & Service

Andrew Barton are the industry leaders in stock holding and speed of delivery of spare parts. With an extremely wide range of spare parts, we are well stocked with any part you might need.

With our extensive service network, even your repairs will be faster. With our industry leading warranties and service network that covers right across Queensland from Brisbane and the Gold Coast to Mackay, Townsville and the rest of the state, you can feel safe and supported knowing that we are here to help.

Fast Cycle Times

Speed Queen washers and dryers are built with performance at the forefront. Our equipment can power through large loads of washing in a flash, leaving you satisfied every time.

We know how the laundry demands of a mining facility can stack up. With Speed Queen equipment you can wash in only 30 minutes, then start folding dry laundry another 30 minutes later!  From dirty to folded in one hour.


In order to deal with the harsh environments faced in mines an innovation was developed specifically for Australian mining facilities. To deal with small abrasive particles entering and damaging washing machines, an excluder lip seal was developed in Australia to prevent this issue. This was tested and was shown to be able to improve the washers lifetime by up to 3000%. Due to it’s success this part was replicated and produced in the U.S and is now available as an add-on option worldwide.

Our Products Are Engineered To Keep Up With Your Needs

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