Coin or Card Operated Large Stacked Dryer (SAT30NNE/SAT45NNE) 14-21KG

14 – 21KG

SAT30 – SAT45

Speed Queen – High Quality Commercial Dryers

A Speed Queen coin or card operated stacked dryer allows you to double your revenue in the same footprint. Providing ultimate customer satisfaction with a large capacity for big loads of washing, combine that with super-fast dry times and your customers will be blown away and coming back for more. This machine can be configured with a coin or card payment system to suit the needs of your laundromat. Get in touch with our team today for more information.

Built Better To Last Longer

Speed Queen Quantum Gold controls offer network capability and PC programming opoortunities, With the card payment system activated or enhancing the machine with network control and the Insights gateway you can operate your laundromat remotely 24/7. This machine can also be configured with an electronic coin drop as standard.

Packed with a host of features including easy loading and unloading with the machines large door openings, easy lint removal, flexible cycle programming and extremely durable machine components to ensure this stacked commercial dryer does not let you down. 

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