Electronic Rear Control Commercial Dryer (LDEE7R/LDGE7R) 10KG




Speed Queen – The Best In Commercial Drying

For top of the range performance, outstanding reliability and quick dry times, look no further than this Speed Queen commercial dryer. Tried and tested, put through many trials to ensure it will not fail you. A quiet and efficient blower system, minimizing wrinkles tumbler action and easy to use electronic controls will make this dryer excel in your commercial environment.

Unmatched Quality and Performance

Speed Queen takes pride in building machines with commercial quality at the forefront of its focus. Focused on the areas that really matter, the performance, reliability, controls and capacity of this Speed Queen dryer will leave you extremely satisfied.

This simple to operate dryer is built to meet your laundry needs. The Electronic controls allow for you to customise your cycle, plus automatic moisture sensing makes your drying efficient with low energy consumption. Combine this with high output and you will get your drying done in no time and have laundry take up less time in your day.

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