Hard Mount Washer (SCA020-SCA100) 9-45KG

9 – 45 KG

SCA020 – SCA100

Speed Queen – The Best In Commercial Washing

Speed Queen hard mount washers provide unmatched washing performance combined with outstanding reliability. To ensure a flawless washing experience this Speed Queen hard mount washer is equipped with a heavy-duty frame with durable bearings, up to 200 G Force extraction speeds, Quantum Gold controls plus a large door and drain valve. These features along with many others combine to create a washer that has performance and reliability superior to the competition.

High Perfromance Washing

Speed Queen takes pride in building machines with commercial quality at the forefront of its focus. When it comes to building a Speed Queen machine, no corners are cut. Focused on the areas that really matter, the performance, reliability, controls and capacity of this Speed Queen washer will leave you extremely satisfied.

Hard mount washer-extractors are secured to concrete floor, this makes them more affordable than their soft mount counterparts. The machines advanced technology will also provide savings, the inverter drive system can save you up to 33% in electricity while the sump system design uses 7% less water while still delivering maximum cleaning results.

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