On Premise Single Dryer (SA055-SA200) 24-91KG

24 – 91 KG

SA055 – SA200

Speed Queen – The Best In Commercial Drying

Speed Queen single pocket tumble dryers offer ultimate performance without sacrificing reliability. With fewer moving parts there is less that can go wrong, meaning a reduction in the maintenance required.

Extra large doors with heavy duty hinges, airflow efficiency providing super fast dry times and patented oval cylinder perforations that prevent internal damage to the dryer are a selection of the host of features that will provide you with a flawless drying experience.

Unmatched Quality and Performance

Speed Queen takes pride in building machines with commercial quality at the forefront of its focus. When it comes to building a Speed Queen machine, no corners are cut. Focused on the areas that really matter, the performance, reliability, controls and capacity of this Speed Queen dryer will leave you extremely satisfied.

This simple to operate dryer is built to meet your laundry needs. Efficient with low energy consumption combined with high output, get your drying done in no time and have laundry take up less time in your day. To further improve your drying experience the machines Quantum Gold controls come with 30 programmable cycles, as well as moisture sensing technology to prevent over-drying.

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