Quantum Touch Coin or Card Operated Hard Mount Washer (SCA020NVE-SCA060NVE) 9-27KG

9 – 27 KG


Speed Queen – The Best In Commercial Washing

Speed Queen hard mount washers provide unmatched washing performance combined with outstanding reliability. To ensure a flawless washing experience this Speed Queen hard mount washer is equipped with a heavy-duty frame with durable bearings, up to 200 G Force extraction speeds, Quantum Touch controls plus a large door and drain valve. These features along with many others combine to create a washer that has performance and reliability superior to the competition.

Quantum Touch and Payment Technology

With Quantum Touch controls get the latest in washer technology with a multicolour graphical touchscreen display. Wireless communication and a cloud network paired with the Insights Gateway and Insights Pro means you can control your machine from the palm of your hand 24/7. Quantum Touch controls provides features such as flexible pricing, service alerts, programmable shutdown times, an on screen timer, built in operating instructions and more.

With coin drop or a cashless card solution, there is a payment system that suits your needs. Additionally with the Speed Queen payment app, a phone payment option is available.

speedqueen internals
speedqueen payment tech

Speed Queen Insights

Grow Beyond with Speed Queen

The Speed Queen Insights Technology Suite changes the way you’ll run your laundry business. Access all of your business data – financial, operational, customer, service, machine and maintenance – in a single 360-degree view, enabling you to make informed decisions and grow beyond what you previously thought possible.

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