Quantum Touch Soft Mount Washer (SYY65-SYY1200) 6.5-120KG

6.5 – 120 KG

SYY65 – SYY1200

Speed Queen – Built To Last

Speed Queen soft mount washers are the ultimate choice for any commercial environment. Designed with unparalleled washing efficiency and exceptional reliability, they provide a seamless washing experience every time. These high-speed soft mount washers undergo extensive testing, exceeding the demands of any commercial setting. Featuring up to 500 G-Force extraction speeds, our latest Quantum Touch controls, and perforated lifting ribs that reduce water consumption, these washers boast a range of features that ensure superior performance and reliability compared to competitors.

Unmatched Commercial Washing Performance

Speed Queen is dedicated to manufacturing machines with an unwavering commitment to commercial quality. No shortcuts are taken in the construction of a Speed Queen machine. Prioritizing performance, reliability, controls, and capacity, this washer is sure to exceed your expectations.

Soft mount washer-extractors provide a flexible solution for locations where hard mount washers are impractical, such as upper floors or areas without a suitable foundation. The machine’s suspension system effectively absorbs vibrations during the wash cycle, ensuring smooth operation. Enhance your on-premise laundry operation with a Speed Queen soft mount washer, now featuring the advanced Quantum Touch software for even greater control and efficiency.

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