Soft Mount Washer (SYY65-SYY1200) 6.5-131KG

6.5 – 131 KG

SYY65 – SYY1200

Speed Queen – Built To Last

Speed Queen soft mount washers are the perfect machines for any commercial setting. Purpose built with unmatched washing performance and outstanding reliability to ensure a flawless washing experience every time. Speed Queen high speed soft mount washers are thoroughly tested and pushed far beyond the limits they would ever face in a commercial setting. With up to 400 G Force extraction speeds, Quantum Gold controls and perforating lifting ribs that allow for lower water consumption. These features along with many others combine to create a washer that has performance and reliability superior to the competition.

Ultimate Commercial Washing Performance

Speed Queen takes pride in building machines with commercial quality at the forefront of its focus. When it comes to building a Speed Queen machine, no corners are cut. Focused on the areas that really matter, the performance, reliability, controls and capacity of this Speed Queen washer will leave you extremely satisfied.

Soft mount washer-extractors offer a versatile alternative for circumstances where a hard mount washer is not applicable. This includes levels above the ground floor and other areas where a suitable base is not available. This is made possible by the machines suspension which absorbs the vibrations during the wash cycle. Improve your on premise laundry operation with a Speed Queen soft mount washer.

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