Speed-e Laundromat – Brassall

Laundromat Details

  • Hours of operation:  24/7
  • Cashless Payment
  • Automatic Chemical Injection
  • Large Washers and Dryers
  • Plenty of machines available
  • Quantum Touch Machines
  • Lots of off street parking
  • Custom Seating & Folding Tables

Site Size: 58m² 

92-98 Pine Mountain Road, Brassall, QLD 4350

Speed-e Laundromat Website

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3 x 10.5KG Soft Mount Washers

3 x 14KG Stack Dryers

3 x 18KG Soft Mount Washers

2 x 21KG Stack Dryers

3 x 24KG Soft Mount Washers

2 x 25KG Single Dryers

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